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Clinton Crimes: New bombshell evidence emerges confirming Bill and Hillary exploited the massive 2010 Haiti disaster to enrich themselves and their friends

At the epicenter of the 2016 presidential election are numerous October surprises: "Sex, Lies, and WikiLeaks" (line stolen from PJ Media), marking this the most contentious, crazy, barbaric, and at times, entertaining, election in American History –– at least in my lifetime.
----Getty Photo OP from POLITICO Magazine with Bill and Hillary
at the FAILED Caracol Industrial Park funded with US taxpayers
money that was supposed to help the Haiti people recover
after the 2010 deadly and devastating earthquake

Meanwhile, October ushered in more horrific news when on the 8th, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti with death and destruction.

In a twist or irony, in the wake of this disaster, former President Bill Clinton was busted "praying and soliciting." Yep, Mr. Bill "took to Twitter and urged his six million-plus followers to go to the embattled Clinton Foundation to assist in relief efforts."

Keep in mind, notes Breitbart News, "The last time tragedy struck the tiny Caribbean country, Bill and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — according to scores of enraged Haitians — used their billion dollar charity and leveraged their global connections to enrich themselves and their monied cronies."

Now, the Haitians fear the Clintons will "scam" them again, reported Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily (WND) senior staff writer and best-selling author, who has been tracking the Haitian resentment towards the Clintons, including the October 6th protest in New York where "the Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti, KOOMOKODA [Komite Mobilizasyon kont Diktati an Ayiti] conducted a small but vocal protest attended by some 20 Haitian activists..."

--Photo of Jan. 13, 2016 NYC: Protesters Target Bill Clinton
over conditions in Haiti 6 years after earthquake
with Dahoud Andre
While this particular protest was in response to the bias actions of New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for going after the Trump Foundation, they slammed the Clinton Foundation: “We are here today to tell Schneiderman that he is looking in the wrong place,” Dahoud Andre, a KOMOKODA organizer told WND.

“We understand the Clinton Foundation has been stealing money from Haiti since 2003,” he responded. “In 2008, the United Nations placed Bill Clinton as a special envoy to Haiti. So, this family has been stealing special envoy money, they have been stealing Clinton Foundation money, they have been stealing Interim Haitian Relief Committee money, they have been stealing Clinton-Bush Fund money. The list goes on.”

“It’s corruption from beginning to end,” Andre asserted. “With Hurricane Matthew, the Clintons cannot even show their head because the whole world knows that they are thieves, and the only reason the Clintons would come to Haiti would be to steal money.”

In fact, many Haitians and Haitian-Americans are mad as hell. They are speaking out against the "Clinton Crimes" committed in Haiti. According Dahoud Andre, since October 2014, KOMOKODA has been protesting in New York against the "Clintons squandering quake dollars in Haiti."

Later I'll detail some of that anger, but in case you've been living on Mars with crony billionaire Elon Musk, Peter Schweizer, President of the Government Accountability Institute and a best-selling author, in his 2015 blockbuster book and subsequent documentary Clinton Cash, laid out the Haiti Clinton corruption case in chapter 10: "Disaster Capitalism Clinton-Style."

Still, just a day before Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, on October 7, 2016, WikiLeaks began a daily drip of dumping private emails from Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chairman John Podesta (The Podesta Emails), where we've been finding explosive details behind Hillary's sleazy, dishonest and nefarious campaign.

Yep, the Podesta Files are very damning –– even to the Clinton Foundation as well as the Obama administration. 

Moreover, Mrs. Clinton's "life of deceit" has been on full display and will continue until the election on November 8th –– and maybe to infinity and beyond!

Adding to this huge scandal is proof that the media is blatantly an arm of the Clinton Machine (see "Newsgate 2016" by Sharyl Attkisson).

Journalism is dead, folks!

WikiLeaks Validates "Clinton Cash"

It is very critical to remember that prior to her tenure as President Obama's secretary of state, which began on January 21, 2009 and lasted until February 1, 2013, Hillary and Bill Clinton agreed upon a December 18, 2008 "Memo of Understanding" surrounding the obvious conflict of interest with their family foundation, which mainly revolved around foreign-government contributions.

At that time, "in response to written questions from Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard G. Lugar (R-Ind.), Clinton assured that the two worlds [the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's State Department] would be kept separate. She even said she wanted to avoid the appearance of anything amiss," recorded the Washington Post.

What caught my attention is the avalanche of evidence proving what most of have known for a long time, yet the Clintons have vehemently denied and deflected over and over again: The Clinton Foundation, operating as a do-good charity, is, at its core, a corrupt organization. It's a global money-laundering scam of epic proportions.

Here is one example from last July, when in an exclusive interview with "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace confronted Hillary about the Clinton Foundation. Her scripted response was to lie once gain stating, "There is no connection between anything she did while serving as secretary of state and her family's charitable organization."

However, inside a blistering March 21, 2015 email from Brent Budowsky [], who happens to be an American left-wing political opinion writer and Hillary supporter, to John Podesta, we find this stunning "Warning to Hillary Clinton":

It was not uplifting to learn in recent hours that problems with foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation continue, Hillary Clinton was still making paid speeches for hire this week, and Tony Rodham is hustling gold mining deals in Haiti.

Ironically, we now have The Podesta Files validating the claims found in Clinton Cash, which "revealed the connection between their [The Clintons'] personal fortune, their close personal friends, the Clinton Foundation, foreign nations, and some of the highest ranks of government."

What I found extremely entertaining was how the Clinton Camp freaked out over the revelations inside this bombshell book –– even before its release on May 5, 2015 that can be found HERE (March 22, 2015), HERE (April 4, 2015), HERE (April 19, 2015), and HERE (May 4, 2015).
But what about that $12 million Clinton Foundation deal that Hillary made with Morocco?

Yep, on January 18, 2015, Hillary's right-hand woman and BFF Human Abedin (the vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, who, from 2009 to 2013, served as Mrs. Clinton's deputy chief of staff while she was secretary of state), wrote the following to John Podesta (now Hillary's Campaign Chairman) and Robby Mook (now campaign manager for Hillary's 2016 presidential bid):

...This was HRC's idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request. The King has personally committed approx $12 million both for the endowment and to support the meeting. It will break a lot of china to back out now when we had so many opportunities to do it in the past few months. She created this mess and she knows it.

WikiLeaks Email: Addendum 1
Then there's the April 16, 2014 Podesta Email,  –– while Hillary was secretary of state –– request from Qatar to hook up with Bill to give him a belated million-dollar birthday gift?

With the subject line, "Qatar, Brazil, Peru, Malawi, Rwanda," the email partially reads as follows:


Would like to see WJC "for five minutes" in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC's birthday in 2011.

- Qatar would welcome our suggestions for investments in Haiti - particularly on education and health. They have allocated most of their $20 million but are happy to consider projects we suggest. I'm collecting input from CF Haiti team.

Additionally, there are other Podesta Emails discussing Haiti such as the one dated May, 25, 2012, which was regarding, "For WJC: food crisis in west Africa." This is where we find a Clinton Foundation staffer "trashing the nonprofit charity organization Oxfam for being critical of the Clintons’ embattled charity after the anniversary of the deadly earthquake in Haiti," reported Breitbart News.

In another Podesta Email dated June 11, 2012, we find an interesting "discussion" over Bill Clinton’s participation in an “Eminent Persons’ Group” organized by then-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, which also referenced Haiti.

A February 26, 2015 Podesta Email confirms the controversy and cover-up over the fact that in the wake of the 2010-devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, Algeria donated to the Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief fund.

Well, that's a huge story in and of itself, which can be found here: "WIKILEAKS: Hillary Took Algeria Off Terror Watch List After Donation to Clinton Foundation."

Obviously, Hillary and Bill violated their pledge and contract with the Obama administration many times to neither solicit funds or accept foreign-government contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) while she was secretary of state.

As severe scrutiny and federal probes circulated her family foundation, Hillary's presidential campaign took a softer tone. "Originally, the Clinton campaign’s inner circle planned to refuse campaign donations bundled by lobbyists representing foreign governments." However, that quickly changed into "Take The Money!!" –– even from countries that are well-known for their horrific human rights violations. 

But let's not digress into that gutter...

Considering that as of October 22, the WikiLeaks dump of The Podesta Files (Part 15, yet today at Batch #19), which brought the total to 26,095 emails, we could spend days dealing with the bombshell revelations that have surfaced as well as the monstrous proof of corruption spewing out of the Clinton Foundation.

However, this story is about exposing more details surrounding the deplorable Clinton misdeeds perpetrated against the poor Haitian people in the wake of the 2010-devastating earthquake.

Clinton Crimes Against Haiti Confirmed

Well, in the middle of the WikiLeaks' drama, ABC News dropped this bombshell: 'FOBs': How Hillary's State Dept. Gave Special Attention to 'Friends of Bill' After Haiti Quake!"

And, the New York Post labeled this Haiti revelation as "the most damning Clinton Foundation scoop yet."
“ABC News got the e-mails via a Freedom of Information lawsuit. They show that, after the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, a top Hillary aide repeatedly gave special attention to ‘Friends of Bill’ looking to cash in.

Nevertheless, before the "Friends of Bill" surfaced proving that Hillary's state department gave Clinton Foundation Cronies preferential treatment with the Haiti contracts, there is evidence inside the "Hillary Clinton Email Archive" found at WikiLeaks, which was launched on March 16, 2016, archiving Secretary Clinton's emails from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014 (yet I found many from 2009).

You know, the 30,000 emails (ONLY half) that Hillary turned over to the State Department from her home-grown basement server, which was intentionally destroyed by BleachBit –– yet most of the OTHER 30,000 are still MIA.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of Podesta Emails that add to the Clinton Foundation collusion and corruption in regards to the Haiti reconstruction efforts, while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state (remember that was from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013) –– of which, a few have been noted above.

Haiti related emails also show drama with McKinsey & Co, money issues and favoritism at play.

Inside the WikiLeaks Podesta dumps, I discovered that sometime in November 2011, while Mr. Podesta was at still at Center for American Progress (CAP) and Hillary was secretary of state, Bill Clinton "asked John Podesta to serve as a special advisor" at the Clinton Foundation.

Later in November 2011, we find that Podesta became "in charge" of "Haiti investment decisions."

At this point, a little history on John Podesta is warranted, starting with the fact that in 2003, he founded CAP, which is now the Washington’s leading liberal think tank known for its powerful influence inside the Obama White House, including what I reported a while back, as THE dark, driving force behind President Obama's massive green energy scheme.

Podesta, an Obama bundler, in 2008 and early 2009, while still at CAP, ran the Obama-Biden Transition Team as the co-chair along side Valerie Jarrett and Peter Rouse.

Meanwhile by 2011, Podesta stepped down from his CEO role and became the Chair of CAP and the CAP Action Fund –– only to leave them and join the Obama White House at the end of 2013 in his new role as Obama's "Executive Power Czar."

This gig ended in February 2015, which lead to his huge new task as Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign: Hillary's Henchman!

Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner described Podesta as "a revolving-door corporate lobbyist" as well as former Bill Clinton's "fixer" and "opposition research consultant for the Democrats."

It's no surprise that Podesta had a very cozy relationship with Secretary Clinton, as reflected in several State Department emails between the two, because we know that Mr. Podesta has deep and shady ties to the Clintons.

Meanwhile, CAP has extraordinary close connections to the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation as well as the Clinton campaign.

And, as of late, according to Peter Schweizer, "WikiLeaks show how Podesta became business partners with Vladimir Putin [the President of the Russian Federation]."

The irony here is palpable, because after all, the Clinton Camp is viciously blaming Russia for the hacked emails that WikiLeaks is dumping.

You can't make this stuff up... 

At any rate, I've published many Green Corruption Files exposing Podesta and his progressive organization's part inside the massive green energy scam, climate change racket, of which I've been documenting since 2010, costing U.S. taxpayers about $500 billion and counting.

Then there's the Clintons' connection that includes the fact that they share the same climate change cronies as President Obama, which I published in May 2015 –– their wealthy friends that are making out like bandits on the backs of hard-working U.S. taxpayers.

That particular post disclosed another rich pal of the Clintons and big Clinton Foundation donor (between $1 million and $5 million) David Crane, then-CEO of NRG Energy, who also, after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, solicited Secretary Clinton and snagged "deals" in Haiti –– not to provide food, water and shelter for the Haitian people, but "solar panels."

There's also the medias direct connection to the Clinton Foundation (May 2015) –– the so-called charity that is heavily involved in the Climate Racket as well as how the United States Export-Import Bank is being "robbed" from the inside at the tune of hundreds of millions dollars by both Hillary's and Obama's "green" cronies (June 2015).

This year, (March 2016), Marita Noon (energy columnist and my cohort in exposing this massive "green scam") and I, exclusively uncovered "Hillary's Hibachi Racket" that she cooked up at the State Department with her friends and her family foundation, which is now costing U.S. taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

What was supposed to be my last story that was published on July 19, 2016 (I've been saying "my last" for years), we hit Hillary up on her Horrendous Hypocrisy by chronicling the fact that, despite her continuous "get the dark, unaccountable money out of politics" rhetoric (fear mongering), Mrs. Clinton is in BED with Big Money, Dark Money and the Wealthy "Green Gangsters" robbing U.S. taxpayers to "save the planet.”

With so many crimes surrounding the Clintons, along with subsequent cover-ups, that go back decades, it is what they did to Haiti that is most irredeemable.

While I've been informed that the "Clintons Crimes against Haiti," which also goes back decades, are much more complex, devastating, and horrific than one can imagine (as chronicled by Ezili Dantò, Dahoud Andre, and others), this story will address more recent events: the massive earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.

In digging through over 1000 emails from Hillary's State Department related to Haiti, I discovered additional damming proof that the Haiti "reconstruction plan" was a huge "pay-to-play" scheme for filling the coffers of the Clintons and their cronies.

But it's much worse than that...

Along with those emails, the examples detailed above, as well as other sources, we now have an ocean of evidence confirming that our former President Bill Clinton and his wife, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, exploited the poor Haitian people in the wake of the 2010 earthquake

So, this Green Corruption File, while not a green energy story, will take you on that tragic journey –– with a special emphasis on The Caracol Industrial Park: AKA The Clintons' Sweatshop in Haiti.

  The Clintons Exploited the Massive 2010 Haiti Disaster 
to Enrich Themselves and Their Friends
Just one snapshot of the devastation caused by the 2010 earthquake
in Haiti / photo found The Guardian 

In order to gain our footing, let's go back in time: "On January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 struck Haiti, killing more than 160,000 and displacing close to 1.5 million people," wrote Time Magazine in January 2015.

Yet other reports show a higher level of devastation, "killing more than 200,000 people, leveling 100,000 homes, and leaving 1.5 million people destitute."

But there's no disputing that days after the earthquake, Secretary Clinton promised to help rebuild Haiti "even stronger and better than before." As the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy for Haiti, Bill Clinton said his office was "committed to do whatever we can to assist the people of Haiti."

"In the immediate aftermath of the 7.0-magnitude quake, heart-rending images beamed in from the island to U.S. homes spurred Americans to open their wallets for victims in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere," heralded NBC News.

Yep, the world rose up with compassion: "The devastating effect of the earthquake on a very poor nation provoked worldwide concern and inspired an outpouring of aid money intended to rebuild Haiti. Countries around the world, as well as private and philanthropic groups such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, provided some $10.5 billion in aid, with $3.9 billion of it coming from the United States," documented Dinesh D'Souza this past July.

In January 2015 NPR explained it this way: "The catastrophe also unleashed an unprecedented flood of humanitarian aid — $13.5 billion in donations and pledges, about three-quarters from donor nations and a quarter from private charity."

So, while the exact "Haiti relief" figures aren't clear, we can confirm that numerous Clinton photo ops followed as well as tons of wheeling and dealing –– with Bill, Hillary, and their family foundation at the center.

Moreover, the Clinton Foundation brags about their role in Haiti:
After the 2010 earthquake, President Clinton formed the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund and raised $16.4 million from individual donors for immediate relief efforts. Since 2010, the Clinton Foundation has raised a total of more than $30 million for Haiti, including relief funds as well as funds for projects focused on restoring Haiti’s communities, sustainable development, education, and capacity building...

However, POLITICO, in their lengthy 2015 piece entitled, "The King and Queen of Haiti," give very different figures –– both with the Clinton Foundation as well as donor pledges:
The hardest thing about evaluating the Clintons’ work in Haiti is that there is so much of it. There’s the Clinton Foundation, which has directed $36 million to Haiti since 2010, but also the $55 million spent through the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, and the $500 million in commitments made through the Clinton Global Initiative’s Haiti Action Network. On Hillary’s side, there’s her own diplomacy, the State Department’s Office of the Haiti Special Coordinator, and the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, as well as the U.S. Agency for International Development, whose administrator reported to her.
The amounts of money over which the Clintons and their foundation had direct control paled beside the $16.3 billion that donors pledged in all.

--Destroyed homes in downtown Port-au-Prince on Feb. 27, 2010
Photo from Cameron Davidson/Corbis
We also discovered via The Nation, that just weeks after the 2010 earthquake slammed into Haiti with bodies freshly buried under the rubble and the tiny Caribbean country engulfed in shock and horror, there was a disturbing "secret cable" from United States Ambassador Kenneth Merten that went out to the following:
  • Haiti Haiti Collective
  • Haiti Port-au-Prince
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • National Security Council
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Secretary of State
  • United States Southern Command (Miami)
  • White House
According to The Nation's 2011 article, "[It] was obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to the Haitian newspaper Haïti Liberté –– of which the February 1, 2010, cable read as follow:
 “THE GOLD RUSH IS ON!” Merten headlined a section of his 6 pm situation report—or SitRep—to Washington. “As Haiti digs out from the earthquake, different [US] companies are moving in to sell their concepts, products and services,” he wrote.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Merten, who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti from 2009 to July 2012, was not only "awarded the 2011 Ryan C. Crocker Award for Outstanding Leadership in Expeditionary Diplomacy for his extraordinary leadership in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake," he has been promoted many times since his "GOLD RUSH" declaration.

Since August 17, 2015, Merten has been serving as the Haiti Special Coordinator and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Haiti in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. 

Despite the fact that our State Department rewards failure and criminals, we know what really happened in Haiti, which was duly noted in July at Breitbart News:
While then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department was funneling billions in relief funds to rebuild Haiti, the Clinton Foundation was leveraging its influence to guide high-dollar contracts to Clinton cronies who would go on to make millions off the catastrophe that had claimed so many lives on the island.
In fact, five years after the earthquake demolished Haiti, many are still asking, "Where Did The $13.5 Billion Go?

Even NBC News reported on this horror story in January 2015 with this headline: "What Does Haiti Have to Show for $13 Billion in Earthquake Aid?"

Again, in January 2015, Time Magazine noted the following: "The destruction and displacement still exist five years after" –– with everyone saying, "they’re living in worse conditions than before.”

All you have to do is look at the heartbreaking photos of "then and now" –– "5 years after devastating quake, Haiti continues to rebuild," by, which demonstrates some progress, but mostly that Bill and Hillary failed the Haitian people.

If you need more corroboration proving the massive mess the Clintons made of Haiti, take a few minutes to view this stunning video, which was carried by 100% Fed Up (with clips HERE and embedded right). This will give you an idea of "HOW THE CLINTON FOUNDATION RIPPED OFF HAITI."

And, in case you think this is all "a right-wing conspiracy," best think again. This particular piece of compelling evidence came from HBO VICE’s “Haitian Money Pit” documentary that aired on April 14, 2015.

Disaster Capitalism Five Years Later...
When Vikram Gandhi presents tonight’s VICE story on U.S. aid to Haiti—“Haitian Money Pit”—the story will have news both new and old.
The new news is that Gandhi names places and names where U.S. aid to Haiti was misused, abused, ripped off, and generally screwed up.
HBO's story, which can be found in the following parts, will make your head explode:

And, it is absolutely unimaginable to see the destruction and suffering after Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, of which Alex Jones, who sent his crew for an exclusive "Infowars Investigative Report," documented the damage and outrage.
Infowars report will reveal everything from crowds rioting in anger at the Clinton’s theft to UN helicopters refusing to take the sick and dying to hospitals only 30 minutes away.
Nevertheless, in going back prior to the hurricane, what is extremely disturbing is the fact that instead of spending all that aid ($13 billion or more) to provide the Haitian people, who lost more than 200,000 of their family and friends, 100,000 of their homes, and left 1.5 million people destitute, with the basic long-term human needs such as clean water, food, shelter, and electricity, the Clintons and their greedy minions built, of all things, a $300 million SWEATSHOP, and wait for it... more SOCCER fields. 

Yep, as documented by the "Haitian Money Pit," we find this:
$300 million in aid spent in Caracol, seven hours north of the earthquake, where the earthquake didn’t really hit, providing yet another soccer field, a cultural center, and other facilities, but really geared toward a $260 million industrial park that was planned long before the earthquake.

The Caracol Industrial Park:
The Clintons and their minions steal U.S. taxpayer AID money to build 
a sweatshop in Haiti far away from the epicenter of the earthquake

If you read Peter Schweizer's blockbuster book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, which was released in April 2015, watched the accompanied documentary, or paid attention to the numerous media stories that followed, you'd know that "lucrative contracts to rebuild Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake often ran through Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation."

Those "lucrative contracts" tied to the Clintons, their foundation and friends, include the Haitian Mobile Money Initiative, Gold Exploitation Permits, and the Caracol Industrial Park –– with the latter the focus PART IV and IV of this Green Corruption File.

As reported numerous times, "the Clintons played a major role in recovery efforts in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010."

What ABC News calls "The Korean Factory With Clinton Connections" was one of the biggest projects by far that was not only planned prior to the 2010 disaster, but as reported, the location was far from the epicenter of the earthquake.
No project received as much attention from the Clintons as the long-discussed industrial park and garment factory built a six hour drive north of the Haitian capital, in a speck of a town called Caracol.

The location was well beyond the destructive earthquake’s epicenter, in a rural part of the country left largely untouched by the disaster. But economists working with the State Department argued that drawing residents out of densely populated Port-au-Prince to more rural areas would help make Haiti more resilient.

So, who are those responsible for this crazy-ass decision?

Well, here we have the perfect storm: A disaster of epic proportions in a poor nation and tons of cash from generous people across the globe –– with the greedy Clintons and their minions (friends and donors to the Clinton Foundation) at the helm of the decision-making process.

What could possibly go wrong? 

First up is the former President Bill Clinton, who was the public face of U.S. efforts in Haiti through several recovery roles.
  • He was the United Nations special envoy to Haiti, co-leader of the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund (with former president George W. Bush)
  • He was co-chairman of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission [IHRC], a quasi-government planning body [under the State Department] that approved hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. government-funded recovery projects.
  • Keep in mind that the IHRC approved over $330 million in projects funded by the U.S. government, which included the Northern Industrial Park –– of which, at one point, "officials estimated it would bring 100,000 new jobs to Haiti." Later it was marked down to 60,000 jobs and then down to 20,000 jobs.

Second, we have the Clinton Foundation, who raised more than $30 million for Haiti relief projects and they were actively part of the Haiti Park, as reflected on their website:
In collaboration with the Government of Haiti, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the U.S. State Department, the Clinton Foundation assisted with the development of the Caracol Industrial Park, which could ultimately create up 60,000 jobs and help to decentralize the Haitian economy.

Meanwhile, according to ABC News, "The modern industrial park, with wide, clear roads connecting rows of low-slung warehouses, would be paid for by the Inter-American Development Bank [IDB], which provided $256.8 million in grants to support construction. The bank has donated $1 million to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to its website."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (from January 21, 2009 until February 1, 2013) led the U.S. response in Haiti as well as the U.S. Agency for International Development [USAID] that supported the commission’s efforts.

Cheryl Mills, a long-time Clinton ally, as most know, was Hillary Clinton's chief of staff during her tenure at the State Department. She is also Hillary's confidant and lawyer, who was granted "a special immunity deal" from President Obama's Justice Department in the FBI’s investigation into to Hillary Clinton's massive email scandal.

But let's not digress...

What's relevant here is that Mills, while at the State Department, also served as Hillary's envoy for Haiti relief efforts. In fact, "Ms. Mills took the lead on a number of projects important to Mrs. Clinton, perhaps none more so than Haiti," noted the New York Times.

And the entire Haiti-Clinton Team –– Bill, Hillary, Cheryl and the Clinton Foundation –– went into high gear pimping and prodding their plot to enrich themselves and their friends.

I was also informed that the "female butchers of Haiti" are not limited to Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Mills, but there are also the following culprits:
  • Ambassador Susan E. Rice, who "from January 2009 until assuming the role of President Obama's National Security Advisor in July 2013, served as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and a member of President Obama's Cabinet.
  • Pamela A. White, who previously served in Haiti as executive director for U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) programs, in January 2012, was appointed by President Obama to become the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti. She held that spot right after Kenneth H. Merten (Mr. Haiti "GOLD RUSH," also heavily implicated in this mess the Clinton's made in Haiti) from July 18, 2012 until October 6, 2015.
  • And later, Samantha Power –– a radical Democrat married to regulatory radical Cass Sunstein –– whom on August 5, 2013, assumed the office of the 28th United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Her bio states, "Ambassador Samantha Power is the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and a member of President Obama’s Cabinet. At the United Nations, Ambassador Power works to advance U.S. interests, promote and defend universal values, and address pressing global challenges to global peace, security, and prosperity."

However, in getting back to Cheryl Mills, who is key to grasping a sneak peak into the inner "Clinton Corruption," we find that while Ms. Mills was Hillary's right hand woman at State, she "also played a central role in the operation of the Clinton Foundation –– in apparent violation of conflict of interest laws, and contrary to her sworn statements to congressional investigators," which was recently reported the National Legal and Policy Center.

Ms. Mills is currently on the Clinton Foundation Board of Directors, while actively involved in Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign.

Another point that is relevant is the fact that as chief of staff for Hillary at that time, Ms. Mills brokered the deal "to help a South Korean garment maker open a factory in Haiti, [which was] the centerpiece of United States government efforts to jump-start the island nation’s economy after the 2010 earthquake," noted the New York Times.

And, ABC News documented the following praise from Bill and Hillary:
At an opening ceremony for the park in 2012, Bill and Hillary Clinton singled out one person for her dedication to the successful launch of the Sae-A factory at Caracol: Cheryl Mills. At the time, she was serving as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff.

“I want to thank our friend Cheryl Mills because it was her determination, her sheer will to work through every obstacle that made this possible,” Bill Clinton said. 

Hillary Clinton praised “my chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, who has been, as others have already said, a real driver of our government’s support for everything that we see here today.”

Cheryl D. Mills, left, with Hillary Clinton, then the secretary of state, 

attended the grand opening of a new industrial park in Haiti in October 2012.

Photo from the New York Times: Larry Downing / Getty Images
SAE-A, the Korean garment company that landed the lucrative contract to become the anchor tenant of the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti, as noted by Breitbart News, "was no accident."

According to the New York Times, “Just a few months after becoming secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton was being forwarded emails from Ms. Mills containing economic development ideas.”

Some of those ideas were from Jean-Louis Warnholz, an economist whose consulting business provided “intelligence on African markets.” In emails and meetings with the Clintons and Ms. Mills, he advocated investment in textiles and agriculture as a way to create jobs, a theory that was fast-tracked in Haiti after the earthquake with a proposal for an industrial park anchored by a major garment factory.

Apparently, a friendship arose out of the ashes of calamity, because we know that in 2012, Sae-A Trading Co. donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation via its Clinton Global Initiative, while the South Korean garment maker Chairman Woong-ki Kim, earned "appearances at the Clinton Global Initiative and other international forums," reported the New York Times.

But that's not all...

According to the recent piece by the New York Times (sourced above), "Haiti and Africa Projects Shed Light on Clinton’s Public-Private Web," (as well as ABC News), there was a ton of schmoozing and gloating going on with Mr. Kim, Ms. Mills and the Clintons.

One in particular was how Mr. Kim partnered with Mills on a new venture called BlackIvy:
Two years after the factory was operational, Mills had left the State Department. She turned up, according to an online press release, at a Sae-A company event in Costa Rica. She appeared there, the release said, on behalf of her privately owned international development firm, Black Ivy Group. “Ms. Mills was invited and came to the event as a guest, as did many others,” Garwood said, in response to questions from ABC News.

The chairman of SAE-A, Woong-ki Kim, was identified on the Black Ivy website as one of the initial investors in the firm. That page has since been taken down. “The chairman’s investment in Black Ivy was a personal investment that was not made until late in 2014,” Garwood said. “As a policy, the chairman does not discuss his personal investments.”

Again by the New York Times:
Six months after she resigned from the State Department in February 2013, Ms. Mills incorporated BlackIvy Group [She's the Founder and Chief Executive Officer]. She has described it as a “private operating company that builds commercial enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Mr. Kim was among a handful of prominent investors in BlackIvy, according to a description that was once on BlackIvy’s website but has since been removed.

This brings us to Jean-Louis Warnholz (noted above), whom is listed as a Founding Principal and Managing Director at BlackIvy, and is another key player inside this Haiti deal that will be addressed in more detail soon.

But for now, keep in mind that as noted, Mills, who is listed as CEO of the BlackIvy Group, “hired Mr. Warnholz as her own adviser at the State Department where the two worked closely to push the industrial park concept.” He later joined her at BlackIvy.

--WikiLeaks Email: Addendum 2
On a side note – yet more proof that Secretary Clinton intentionally commingled the State Department with the Clinton Foundation –– is that on January 18, 2010, Ms. Mills' significant other, David Domenici, emailed her with "ideas regarding education corps for Haiti," of which Mills forwarded to Hillary.

It was basically a four page "multi-million dollar proposal for rebuilding schools in Port-Au-Prince along with developing and training a Teachers Corps with 500 American teachers in Haiti."

The next day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded with:
Great idea. No surprise. Let’s work toward solid proposal maybe to Red Cross and Clinton Foundation since they have unencumbered $.

Well, I haven't had time to flush out that scoop as well as a few other State Department emails regarding the Clinton Foundation with suspicious activity, so let's get back to the focus of this story: Hillary's Haitian Sweatshop and its funding.

"As part of a U.S.-led effort to spur investment in the earthquake-ravaged country, Sae-A received millions in taxpayer subsidies to build its factory in Haiti."

From what I gather, this recent New York Times report gives the breakdown of the funding for the park.
Ultimately, the United States provided about $124 million [taxpayer money] to develop a power plant, housing and other improvements for the Haiti industrial park, while an international development bank contributed $100 million [the IDB noted above as a Clinton Foundation donor] and the Haitians provided the land. Sae-A agreed to invest $78 million. Sae-A was blunt about the need to make the deal worth the money.

Nevertheless, even POLITICO, in their May 2015 piece focused on the Caracol Industrial Park that drew much criticism, which brings us to more players:
The linchpin is the $300 million, 600-acre Caracol Industrial Park, financed by U.S. taxpayer money and Inter-American Development Bank and geared toward making clothes for export to the United States. The Clintons were instrumental at nearly every step in its creation. The development program Bill came to sell as U.N special envoy, written by Oxford University economist Paul Collier, had garment exports at its center.

By the way, the economist here was a special adviser on Haiti to the United Nations secretary general in 2009. According to most reports, Paul Collier is given credit for drawing "up a Haiti development plan for the United Nations prior to the earthquake."

In fact, just 16 days after the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, Mr. Collier and Jean-Louis Warnholz (an economic adviser to Haiti’s prime minister in 2009, noted above with Cheryl Mills), together wrote the following Op-Ed in the New York Times: "Building Haiti’s Economy, One Mango at a Time," which many point to as the blueprint (re-branding the pre-quake strategy as a form of post-quake reconstruction) used to rip off Haiti.

Here's more background on Jean-Louis Warnholz:
  • Founding Principal and Managing Director of the BlackIvy Group since 2013 ––which was formed with Cheryl Mills and where we find another political payback deal that occurred after the Caracol Industrial Park deal was cemented (noted above)
  • Senior Advisor in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s office from 2010 to 2013 (at least 77 State Department emails), where his bio states, "In Haiti, he coordinated major investments in new factories, housing, power, port and airport infrastructure in the country’s poorest region."
  • As noted, he co-authored that 2010 New York Times Op-Ed with Paul Collier
  • Senior Economic Advisor/Consultant at the Soros Economic Development Fund, from 2009 - 2010
  • Warnholz is also implicated in many State Department corruption deals.

WikiLeaks Email: Addendum 3
Then there's Paul Charron, a friend of Hillary Clinton since her senate days as well as "notable contributor" to her 2008 presidential race, whom in September 2009 via email reached out to Margaret Carpenter and cc'd Melanne Verveer –– "following up on earlier conversations," which had to do with soliciting "a supporting role in various Obama initiatives."

It turns out that during the Clinton administration, Verveer served as Assistant to President Bill Clinton and Chief of Staff to the First Lady Hillary Clinton. In March 2009, Melanne Verveer was named Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues at the U.S. State Department, where she worked closely with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. President Obama also appointed her to serve as the U.S. Representative to the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

On September 18, 2009, Ms. Verveer forwarded Mr. Charron's email to Secretary Clinton. We also now that Charron, shortly thereafter, scored a role inside Hillary's State Department as part of the "Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy" –– where he still sits.

Between February 2010 and August 2010, we find many internal State Department emails referencing Paul Charron "follow up" as well as the fact that he was placed on Hillary's "call list" about Haiti.

However, it was an August 10, 2010 email with the subject line, "Haiti Discussion," where we confirm that Charron had colluded with Jean-Louis Warnholz (Senior Advisor for Hillary) as well as Cheryl Mills (Hillary's Chief of Staff), which was forwarded to Secretary Clinton.

--WikiLeaks Email: Addendum 4
Dear Cheryl:

Jean-Louis and I had a lengthy conversation today covering a broad range of subjects relating to your interest in supporting textile and apparel activity in Haiti. He has subsequently shared with me a number of specific materials on the Haiti project, including an email of yours which highlights the objectives of the project and a suggested timeline, as well as the business proposal made by Hansoll. When I digest these latter materials, I will consider myself in a much better position to make responsive recommendations to you.

As I communicated to Jean-Louis, I am happy to be helpful to you and the State Department on this project. I can make myself available a couple of days a month for meetings and pretty much on an as needed basis for phone conversations. I retain my affiliation with Warburg Pincus, the global private equity firm. This requires my presence in New York (generally) a couple of days a week. As I think you know, I am also Chairman of the Board of Campbell Soup Company. This entails three or four days a month.

Fortunately, I am not really "retired." This means that I have some flexibility in how I spend my time. You should feel free to call on me.
I retain my interest in and connections with the retail and apparel industry. While I am far from an expert on sourcing and production of apparel and textiles, I have some relevant experience and many friends who will do their best to keep me from looking foolish.
I will be in Baltimore and Washington for the next few days. Either you or Jean-Louis should feel comfortable in calling on my cell phone [REDACTED]. In the interim, I will review these materials and speak again with Jean-Louis.

-- Getty Image
U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) speaks while flanked by
Liz Claiborne Chairman Paul R. Charron
during a news conference on
Capitol Hill April 25, 2006 in Washington DC...

Here's more on Paul Charron:
  • Chairman on the U.S. Department of State Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy, since 2009
  • Chairman of the Board at Campbell Soup Company since 2009
  • Senior Advisor at Warburg Pincus from 2008 – 2012. This where Timothy Geithner now serves as President -- you know the guy from Citigroup (another big Clinton Foundation donor) that served as Obama's Secretary of Treasury from 2009 to 2013, where he pushed the bailout of the big banks. Warburg also donated $125,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Chairman and CEO if Liz Claiborne Inc. from 1994 – 2006

We also know that Paul Charron is friends of Lon Garwood, "who used to be an agent in Korea for Liz Claiborne Inc," and since 2010 has been Advisor/Chief Relationship Officer mega-garment manufacturer SAE-A Trading Co.

In fact in 2012, the New York Times chronicled some of the events that took place with the Caracol Industrial Park deal:

In spring 2010, Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff set out to woo the apparel industry, armed with Congressional legislation that enhanced the special access of Haitian-produced apparel to the United States market.

When Mrs. Clinton made an official visit to South Korea, Sae-A executives were summoned to the American Embassy in Seoul. Sae-A’s chairman, Woong-ki Kim, had been scouting Haiti as a factory location since 1991, and Ms. Mills urged Sae-A to explore his interest more deeply.

The exploration proved dispiriting. A Sae-A feasibility study read more like a “no-feasibility study,” Mr. Garwood said. “It was almost humorous, like David Letterman’s Top 10 reasons why we shouldn’t invest in Haiti.”

Among the obstacles was uncertainty about whether Haiti’s minimum wage for textile workers, scheduled to increase to $5 from $3.75 a day this October, would continue to rise, Mr. Garwood said.

In the late summer, Mr. Garwood, who used to be an agent in Korea for Liz Claiborne Inc., got a call from Paul Charron, its former chief executive and a friend of Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Charron advised Mr. Garwood to “whittle down the list of obstacles because people in D.C. are really serious about making this happen.”

They were serious because far more advanced negotiations with another Korean garment firm, Hansoll Textile [mentioned in Paul's email to Cheryl Mill above], were on the verge of breaking down.

Sae-A executives whittled fast. By late summer, they were flying with their investment plan to Washington for a meeting with Mrs. Clinton and other international officials in a historic treaty-signing room on the State Department’s seventh floor

This report continues:
Eventually, the Haitian government would agree to provide the land, the development bank to finance everything inside the fence for $100 million and the American government to spend about $124 million on the power plant, housing and port.

Sae-A, in turn, would commit to investing $78 million. In a loan application, though, it estimated its initial investment, mostly in equipment and operating funds, at $39.3 million, and it pledged to build a dyeing and knitting mill when it broke even. It also promised to build a school.

In September 2010, Mrs. Clinton joined Mr. Kim and others for a signing of their memorandum of understanding in New York. A former Haitian prime minister, Jean-Max Bellerive, Mr. Clinton’s co-chairman on the recovery commission, called it “a great day for Haiti.”

Keep in mind that "in 2012 Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd., the Korean garment company that was recruited to become the anchor tenant of the park, gave between $50,000 and $100,000 to the foundation."

Meanwhile, notes ABC News, "Large American retailers, including Wal-Mart and Gap Inc., have served as buyers for the clothes shipped from Haiti to the U.S. with special U.S. tax breaks." The two just happen to be donors to the Clinton Foundation –– with Wal-Mart giving between $1 million and $5 million and Gap between $250,000 and $500,000.

As you can see, the key players behind the planning, prodding and colluding of this sweatshop in Haiti, are not only Clinton cronies, but most are big donors to their family foundation. Yet, I'm sure if we dug deeper, more evidence would emerge proving more corruption.

That aside, unfortunately, this story gets worse...

The Clintons' Sweatshop in Haiti: A big flop from the start

--AP Image from the State Dept: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
speaks at the grand opening ceremony of the new
Caracol Industrial Park in Caracol, Haiti, Oct. 22, 2012.
The October 22, 2012 Grand Opening of the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti (the $300 million facility) was a star-studded event with Hollywood and the Clintons on full display.

According to CBS News, "The Haitian government hosted Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, a delegation of foreign investors and a crowd of celebrities including Ben Stiller, Sean Penn and Donna Karan to showcase the marquee project of the U.S. aid effort since the 2010 earthquake."

However, what most don't know is that the Caracol deal, which was hatched BEFORE the 2010 disaster, and is located far away from epicenter of the massive earthquake, was jammed-packed full of special concessions  –– even while dire warnings were ignored.

Additionally, "Hillary's Haitian Sweatshop" has failed miserably in many ways. 

--Photo from POLITICO, Mary 2015:
The King and Queen of Haiti
A worker repairs machinery at a sisal rope production facility at the Caracol Industrial Park in the north of Haiti on April 14th. It was supposed to be one of the signature initiatives of the Clintons, who attended the 2012 ribbon-cutting, but lags far behind initial employment projections. At the ribbon-cutting, Hillary pledged, “Our partnership, I promise you, will extend far beyond my time as secretary of state. And so, too, will the personal commitment that my husband and I have to Haiti.” | Allison Shelley for Politico Magazine

Let's start with what ABC News heralds as "the good" SAE-Trading has done:
Sae-A has built and continues to operate two schools, with plans for a third. The company has supported medical missions, donated clothing and delivered 4½ tons of medical supplies to remote villages in cargo trucks emblazoned with the words “Sae-A loves Haiti.”
However, this Korean garment manufacturer with direct ties to Hillary's State Department, who received special concessions, so-called "good" does in NO WAY make up for the "bad," which will be exposed next.

The New York Times, in this compelling piece back in 2012, "Earthquake Relief Where Haiti Wasn’t Broken," noted some very disturbing facts surrounding this industrial park deal.

#1. Special Clinton Concessions
I know a couple places in America that would commit mayhem to get 20,000 jobs today,” Mr. Clinton said, referring to the jobs that Sae-A pledged to generate over six years.

In exchange, thanks to a deal that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton helped broker, Sae-A looked forward to tax exemptions, duty-free access to the United States, abundant cheap labor, factory sheds, a power plant, a new port and an expatriate residence outfitted with special kimchi refrigerators.

#2. Troubled Labor Relations Ignored:
While "Sae-A’s egregious anti-union repression included acts of violence and intimidation in Guatemala," this was ignored.

The developers — the Haitian government, the State Department and the Inter-American Development Bank — chose Sae-A despite its troubled labor relations in Guatemala, where the company closed its flagship factory last year after threatening to move jobs out of the country during an acrimonious dispute with its union.

#2. Environmental Concerns Ignored
The United States Treasury Department had concerns, too. Because an environmental impact study was not done properly or far enough in advance, the Treasury, which represents the United States on the development bank board, took the unusual step of abstaining from the vote that approved the $55 million grant to build the park.

#3. Shortcuts Implemented
The “urgency of the project” required some shortcuts, said José Agustín Aguerre, the Inter-American Development Bank’s Haiti department manager. “If one had to do this in the normal process of planning and then funding and then decision-making, and only then start looking for clients and only then start construction,” he said, “we would have gone 10 years without having an industrial park.”

#4. Failures & Hardships Abound

First we know that hundreds families were forced off the land to make room for the sweatshop, reported POLITICO"
Outside the park’s walls some 336 families say they were forced off the land to make way for Caracol and were not compensated enough to make up for the loss of livelihoods.

Park officials say the proper channels were followed and compensation was more generous than it had to be. But the peasant farmers believe that once again they were taken advantage of by unaccountable, distant powers. “Mr. and Mrs. Clinton...”

And what about those jobs listed on the Clinton Foundation website: "Creating up to 60,000 jobs in northern Haiti." But then again, Secretary Clinton hyped that her sweatshop would create 20,000 jobs for the Haitian people. 

However, ABC News documented the dim reality.
For Haiti, the factory was an avenue into a new industry — textiles — and the jobs it could bring. Hillary Clinton predicted a factory humming with 20,000 jobs by 2016. Estimates of how many people work there now range from 8,000 to 9,000.

Worse is that the Clinton's sweatshop relies on cheap labor. Back in 2013, this caught the attention of Al Jazeera America:
...Factories in Haiti now pay a minimum of $4.56 a day — an amount that would require working 29 days a month just to buy enough food, and nothing else, for a typical Haitian household, according to a 2009 USAID study. (Local vendors sell lunch to the Caracol workers on credit because wages are paid only twice a month; it is a growing source of tension at the park that many workers never pay their bill.)

Al Jazeera America continues:
In fact, the question of minimum wage could be another drag on investors' interest. Under a recently enacted law, the minimum wage should now be roughly $6.85 a day for garment work. But factory owners have simply refused to pay the higher wages. A recent survey by the International Labor Organization found not a single factory in Haiti currently complying with the new law. Sae-A declined to comment on particulars, stating only that its employees "are compensated in accordance with local laws and regulations."

POLITICO, in May 2015, confirmed that the Haitian workers' struggle rages on:
But the workers have their own complaints, starting with pay. Aselyne Jean-Gilles, 35, makes the minimum 225 gourdes a day, or about $4.75. She says she spends $3.19 on food, plus 45 cents each way for a group taxi that takes her from her home in Cap-Haïtien to a town where she can catch a free shuttle to work. She does not have children yet. “If you do, you can’t afford to do anything,” she says.

And they continue...
Inside, Sae-A’s three warehouses are kept reasonably comfortable by giant fans. A disc jockey plays Haitian kompa music to keep workers energized. Enormous U.S., Haitian and South Korean flags hang overhead. Seamstresses sit in forward-facing rows, stitching and passing forward Mossimo and Old Navy tops under the glow of red signs that keep track of the daily “meta,” or quota (the signs were imported, along with middle managers, from older Sae-A factories in Central America, at least one of which closed as the Haiti project was opening). Quality checkers stand all day at the end of the row, discarding clothes unfit for export. “From 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., I stand and stand. I can’t sit down,” says Tamara Pierre, a 22-year-old quality checker, rubbing her visibly swollen ankles as she waits for a bus home.

Then there's "allegations of abuse" occurring at the factory, which was reported by ABC News, who were stalled when their reporters asked to talk directly to workers during a recent visit.
Now assertions against the company are emerging in Haiti, according to workers and labor advocates interviewed by ABC News. In April, a group called Better Work Haiti published a report finding the factory was noncompliant in the areas of sexual harassment, bullying and humiliation of employees. Yannick Etienne, a labor organizer, told ABC News she received reports from SAE-A workers that they had to provide sexual favors to supervisors in order to obtain jobs in the factory.

At some point this Haiti "industrialization plan" included providing housing for the Caracol Industrial Park employees; however, that too is An Epic Boondoggle, reported ViceNews.

By the way, the 100% Fed Up video highlighted much earlier, also tells this part of this horrific story.

Last but not least: "The Bank" with ties to the Clinton Foundation is asking where did the money given for the Caracol road go? You know the Inter-American Development Bank [IDB], which provided $256.8 million in grants to support construction of the sweatshop –– and has donated $1 million to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Yep, according to the Haiti Observer this past May,
Wilson Laleau and Jacques Rousseau will have some explaining to do in regard to money given by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) for the construction of road to access the Caracol region. After visiting the site of the project, BID had estimated that the project is incomplete, was not managed well and sufficient documentation has not been provided to justify the expenses. So far, the explanation provided by Wilson Laleau is unacceptable and the Inter-American Development Bank is actually asking for reimbursement.

The Haitian People are Speaking Out Against the Clinton Crimes Committed in Haiti
--Dahoud Andre, a radio show host in New York
who has helped organize protests against the Clintons.
“A vote for Hillary Clinton means further corruption,
further death and destruction for our people,” he said. Photo Credit
Victor J. Blue for The New York Times

As I noted in the opening of this post, many Haitians and Haitian-Americans are mad as hell. They are speaking out against the Clinton crimes committed in Haiti.

According to Dahoud Andre (photo right), since October 2014, KOMOKODA has been protesting in New York against the "Clintons squandering quake dollars in Haiti."

Breitbart News recently put it this way: “Haitians have been protesting the Clintons for years for their transgressions against the tiny island nation."

Below are some highlights.... 

July 2016 Haitians protest at the DNC
January 13, 2013 by The Week"Protesters picket Clinton Foundation over alleged misuse of Haiti relief funds"
More than $10 billion was donated to rebuild Haiti after Haiti's 2010 earthquake, some of it to the Clinton Foundation, the charitable organization sponsored by former President Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. But protesters at the Foundation's Harlem offices say the money was wildly mismanaged and did not provide the relief Haitians desperately needed.

"Only 900 homes were built, and they were not even built in the area where the earthquake took place," said Ricot Dupuy of Radio Soleil. "So much inconsistency, so much irregularity." Watch a news report on the protests below. --Bonnie Kristian

January 12, 2015 by The Weekly Standard: "Protesters Gather at Clinton Foundation to Complain of 'Missing Money' from Haiti Recovery"
"New Yorkers with roots in Haiti say the picture [of the Haiti recovery] isn't so rosy," said the NY1 anchor.

The protesters claimed that the $10 billion meant to help rebuild Haiti did little to help the country after the devastating quake. And that much of the money went to non-Haitian companies.

March 20, 2015 by The Washington Free Beacon (along with a video): "Haitians Protest Outside Hillary Clinton’s Office Over ‘Billions Stolen’ by Clinton Foundation"
Haitian activists protested outside of the Clinton Foundation in New York over the loss of “billions of dollars” that was meant to help rebuild after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

The activists are claiming the money was stolen through the Haiti Reconstruction Commission that was headed by Bill Clinton. In January 2015, the Clinton Foundation was the target of protests for wasting more than $10 billion and awarding contracts to non-Haitian companies.

March 31, 2015Press Conference: Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti (KOMOKODA)
“Let us be clear that President Obama, like presidents before him, have been feeding at the trough of the slavery of the people of Haiti. They have been feeding on all of the distresses, the unnatural calamities. We’re talking about slavery, real present-day slavery on the part of the Haitian people for the benefit of rich, American corporation. And I say both Republicans and Democratic presidents have been guilty of this, over the years, of keeping Haiti in a subservient condition. We must change it. We must not allow future presidents to continue on this dastardly way of life.” —Ralph Poynter, New Abolition Movement, Brooklyn, NY, March 31, 2015

January 13, 2016"NYC: Protesters Target Bill Clinton over Conditions in Haiti 6 Years After Earthquake" by

Tuesday marked six years since a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, killing an estimated 300,000 people. Tens of thousands of Haitians are still living in tents. Here in New York City, a group of Haitians gathered in front of the Clinton Foundation to protest former President Bill Clinton’s role as head of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. Activist Dahoud Andre was among them.

Dahoud Andre: "Today is the 12th of January 2016, six years after the earthquake. And for us, it was important to be in front of the Clinton Foundation, because Bill Clinton, as head of the IHRC, Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, was responsible for the $6 billion that came into his hands. He had unlimited control of this money. Six years after the earthquake, not much has changed, and as a matter of fact, Haiti is in worse condition than it was in 2010. Only Bill Clinton can tell the world what happened with this money."

March 17, 2016"Protests continue against Hillary Clinton’s role in Haiti after earthquake" by
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Thursday March 17, 2016 – Six years after Haiti was devastated by the massive 2010 earthquake, many people in the impoverished Caribbean country continue to hold Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation responsible for a recovery effort that cost billions for what is widely perceived to be little return.
The New York Times reports that the Clintons have been a target of protesters in Port-au-Prince, who claim earthquake aid money was mismanaged and lucrative deals went to Clinton cronies.

The litany of complaints included the circumstances surrounding the Caracol industrial park, a project which was backed by both the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Hundreds of farmers were evicted from their land during the park’s construction, and the project delivered less than half the number of promised jobs.

Also singled out by critics was Mrs. Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham, who turned up in business ventures on the island, sparking speculation about insider deals.

July 2016: 
Haitian Immigrants for Trump: "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs in Jail!"

This pasty July, "Haitians at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia took to the streets to protest Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s actions in the wake of the 2010 cataclysmic earthquake in Haiti," reported Breitbart News.

“The main message is that Hillary Clinton belongs in jail,” one protester said when asked what the overall message of the protest was.

“We believe that the world should know about the crimes the Clinton family has committed against the country of Haiti–the money they have stolen from the earthquake victims. And we believe that were this to be anyone else, they’d be in jail right now,” he continued.

“She’s not in jail because she’s being protected by the Obama administration, the Justice Department, State Department,” the man said.

Published on July 26, 2016: #UnderReported: Clinton Corruption Protested by Haitians at DNC
James O'Keefe interviews Haitians at the DNC. They are incredibly upset about Clinton corruption in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. They claim Clinton Foundation money never went towards necessary relief efforts, and people are still living in tents as a result.

September 21, 2016"Former Haitian lawmaker denounces Clinton Foundation graft" by World Net Daily
Saying “the world trusted the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate time of need and they were deceived,” the former president of Haiti’s Senate is accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation of exploitation, corruption and graft.
WND reported this week that an increasing number of Haitian expatriates living in the U.S. are backing Donald Trump for president because of their anger against the Clintons over their actions following the island nation’s 2010 earthquake.

October 6, 2016"Haitians fear Clintons will 'scam' them again," by World Net Daily
Foundation accused of looting impoverished nation after 2010 earthquake

In closing...

No matter how you slice it, the fact that the Clintons exploited the massive 2010 Haiti disaster to enrich themselves and their friends, is beyond egregious. It's deplorable. It's irredeemable. It's an assault on humanity.

What they did to the Haitian people is not just criminal; it's evil. 

And, unless you are the king of Morocco or a rich and powerful friend of the Clintons seeking special favors, you should NEVER donate to the Clinton Foundation. It's a "Criminal Enterprise," placing what they have done to the nation of Haiti in the wake of that devastating 2010 earthquake on the alter of disgrace and disgust.

This is not a red or blue issue, it's a human issue and as Americans we must join the "Justice for Haiti" fight by sharing this story and getting involved in one way or another.

We must demand a full audit of the Haiti relief funds as well as a Congressional hearing.

We must demand a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Lastly, as Americans, we have the power, in exactly 12 days, to STOP the greedy, unbridled Hillary Rodham Clinton (and her disgusting minions) from taking advantage of any country, including America, for her own personal gain and that of her rich and powerful family and friends.

We must say #NEVERHILLARY on November 8, 2016.

God Bless America, Haiti and you all!
Signing off as your favorite "Citizen Investigative Journalist,"

A special thanks to all that helped me with this story –– especially Mike.

Below is a short list of recommended reading, which ironically is from news organizations that lean left.