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2014 Midterm Election Alert: Dem billionaire Eco Super PAC waging war on GOP candidates associated with billionaires

NOTE: Updated at the end to add The Green Corruption Files / AACONS October 7, 2014 interview regarding this post.

September 21, 2014 The People's
Climate March / Photo by TPNN
Those following "climate change" know that this "movement" is a major part of President Obama's second-term legacy. However, most should be aware that key events have emerged on the climate front, including a march that took place in New York City on Sept. 21 just two days before the city hosted the U.N. Climate Summit,  with Hollywood a-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo joining the "flood of green protesters" –– Earth People –– that trashed the place.

In covering this ceremony, Hot Air noted the following:
Those in politics who spend much of their time railing about the dangers associated with anthropogenic climate change will often assert that the public largely shares their concerns about catastrophic climate shifts. You rarely hear from those oft-cited members of the public who are supposedly alarmed by climate change alarmism.
Sure enough; the powerful left-wing think tank with direct passage to the Obama White House, Center for American Progress (CAP) –– the dark, driving force behind president's massive green energy scheme –– via Think Progress, heralded this climate activism as a "people's phenomenon."

Needless to say, while trash and hypocrisy were stars of the show, ignorance and confusion played best supporting roles. It turns out that Reason Magazine’s Kmele Foster  –– "armed with a camera and a microphone" –– was at the People's Climate March, which according to Hot Air, "more resembled a throwback anti-capitalism protest than it did a climate rally."

But in reviewing Reason's video footage, it seems that those interviewed didn't even know why or what they were protesting. Still others were clear on their motives, yet they weren't there to protect the Earth or even to promote "world peace"–– but I'll address that the end of this post.

Reported to be in attendance (maybe he was picking up the garbage) was a key billionaire environmentalist that also happens to be a CAP cohort, whom proclaimed that this event was proof that climate change is "a first-tier political issue." This was California liberal billionaire Tom Steyer that was the feature of my last Green Corruption File, whom John Hinderaker at Power Line recently described this way: Steyer "abandoned an honest career as a coal magnate to become a 'green' scammer."

In summary: Steyer is an extremely successful, yet former, hedge-fund manager, who made his fortune in oil, coal, gas, and other investments, but in recent years, ultimately converted "out of the fossil fuel ashes" as a climate change crusader –– even aligning himself with the White House's "war on coal" as well as getting behind the president's massive, expensive and deceptive green energy agenda, of which Mr. Steyer has financially benefited from. 

Steyer, directly linked to President Obama since 2008 as a consultant, bundler and "energy policy driver," has also emerged as political powerhouse for the Democrat Party, declaring war against Republicans –– more specifically during this critical 2014 midterm election, which has become a desperate fight over control of the senate. 

 The Dark Money behind the "climate change" movement

Photo from The Washington Free Beacon 
My last story also opened up Steyer's "Cash for Climate Change" machine, which was formed in 2013, noting that NextGen Climate caused major damage during the 2013 Massachusetts senate and Virginia governor races with its multimillion-dollar outside spending campaigns, ensuring that both Ed Markey and Terry McAuliffe, who each have their own green corruption tales HERE and HERE, emerged victorious.

However, that was just the beginning...

By February 2014, Steyer aimed his political apparatus at the 2014 midterms, pledging $100 million to wage war against so-called GOP climate change deniers as well as any Republicans he deems harmful to the environment and those in support of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Needless to say, the irony here is not so much that this wealthy liberal is targeting Republican candidates in seven key senate and gubernatorial races; it's Steyer's climate machine's choice of weaponry. This liberal BILLIONAIRE is bombing the airways with ads attacking GOP candidates... wait for it... associated with BILLIONAIRES.

Even as NextGen's "hit list" includes any GOP with ties to Big Oil –– what Steyer and his cohorts deem as "dirty money," the billionaires in the cross hairs are none other than the libertarian brothers Charles and David Koch, who fund a number of conservative and libertarian political causes –– what NextGen labels as "dark money." This despite the fact that Steyer gained much of his wealth from dirty money, while the Democrat Party loves dark money, of which Steyer is a main culprit.

Majority Leader Harry Reid "jihad" against the Koch Brothers and our First Amendment

Later in this post I'll tackle some of Steyer's climate assaults with the following four counter attacks:
  • Dem Senator Mark Udall: Extremely Wasteful 
  • Dem Rep Bruce Braley's Eco-Genocide 
  • Dem Environmental Hero Gary Peters is NOT Gonna Dump His Oil Profits...Really! 
  • Out of Touch Climate Ad Misses Dem Senator Jeanne Shaheen's Big Out-of-State Cash and Ties to Big Oil 
But some background is key to grasping the entire picture, starting with the importance in reiterating that the Majority Leader Harry Reid has continually disgraced the senate floor with his "anti-billionaire Koch crusade."

According to Roll Call a few weeks ago, Reid's "jihad" against the Koch Brothers has been going on for some time, and it's most likely part of the Democrat's desperate ploy to unleash "the class warfare strategy of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and blame the rich for America’s continued economic stagnation." Roll Call continues with this:
Since January [2014], Reid has attacked the Koch brothers by name more than 22 times on the floor of the Senate, derisively calling them, “power-drunk billionaires,” among other things. Reid also claimed the Kochs are “single-handily funding an attack on this nation’s middle class.” For the Nevada senator, the Kochs are “un-American,” and a “cult...” 
Nevertheless, as part of their master plan, in early September, Reid and his minions attempted to demolish our First Amendment. In his first floor speech after Congress' five-week August recess, Reid blasted the Koch Brothers, which was documented by The Hill:
We have had in this country a flood of very, very dark money coming into this nation’s political system. Radical billionaires are attempting to buy our democracy.
One would think that Reid is referring to Tom Steyer, but the career politician from Nevada and the billionaire from California are buddies. Moreover, as Chip Wood from the Personal Liberty Digest so eloquently put it:
[Reid] took to the Senate floor to launch another one of his frothing-at-the-mouth diatribes against those notorious Koch brothers, whom he claims are using their vast wealth to purchase elections for the far right. He never mentions, of course, that conservative Republicans are routinely outspent by wealthy liberal Democrats. He knows that the mainstream media is delighted to help hide the truth and play along with this charade.
Reid's "frothing-at-the-mouth" was a precursor to the vote on S.J. Res. 19, which was apparently "designed to overturn two recent decisions that allowed corporations, labor unions and wealthy individuals to spend extensive amounts of money on federal elections."

The amendment at the center was the brainchild came from New Mexico Democrat Senator Tom Udall that "would authorize Congress and the states to regulate and limit fundraising and spending on federal candidates."

It should be noted that Steyer is also campaigning for Tom Udall's cousin Democrat Senator Mark Udall in Colorado that will be addressed later, but let's stay with the issue at hand. The Washington Free Beacon exposed in their piece, Silent Coup, that this political maneuver by Democrats, which thankfully died in the senate, has much more sinister motives: a ploy to "hand America to liberal billionaires."

The Beacon also noting the following:
Special interest money and super-wealthy individuals are two of the most prominent features of today’s bourgeois liberalism. The unions, the foundations, the colleges, the liberal-leaning or rent-seeking corporations, the residents of Manhattan and Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills and Ward 3, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Marc Lasry, Steve Mostyn, Michael Bloomberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Chris Hughes — these groups, these men, they are not misshapen appendages of the Democratic Party. They are its innards. Its guts.

Democracy Alliance Chart taken from
the Washington Free Beacon -- 9/10/2014 
What makes the Democrat's posturing against Big Money in politics so outrageous is that despite the Lefts' outrage over the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United as well as their whining over money in politics, the Democrats are knee deep in Dark Money.

Besides those listed above by The Beacon, let's not forget that those on Wall Street have "long-standing and very deep ties" to the Democratic Party, including, but not limited to, big campaign donations and their participation inside this green corruption ordeal.

This moment in our political system is more ridiculous, because billionaire Steyer, who recently "bought Harry Reid," has emerged as "the face of the liberal equivalent of the Koch Brothers.

In addition, both Reid and Steyer have been fundraising pals and partners in killing the Keystone pipeline for some time –– with Reid, the career politician, carrying his share of clean-energy dirt: He's directly linked to over $3 billion in green energy stimulus loans.

Thus it's no wonder that Reid's Koch bashing has already poisoned minds. Lately, a memorandum obtained by POLITICO, claims that "attack ads targeting the conservative Koch brothers as corporate 'fat cats' are proving effective in close races."

Again, the deception by Reid starts with the simple definition of "Fat Cat," which is "a wealthy and powerful person, especially a businessman or politician" –– and perfectly describes Tom Steyer. But it's much deeper, because the reality is that the Democrat Party is jammed-packed full of fat cats. This fact has been well-documented by many well-respected authors and the like, but most explosively in this 2014 piece by the Independent Journal Review: "The Real Party of the Rich: Democrats Have More Top Donors, Millionaires in Congress."

2014 Midterm Election Strategy: Dem billionaire Eco Super PAC waging war on 
GOP candidates associated with billionaires

Obviously, the Democrat Party's election strategy will continue with their hype, accusing Republicans of wanting "dirty air and dirty water," while most Democrats have supported, rallied behind, and participated in the president's massive green energy/climate change scam –– the policies and supporting funds that include loans, grants and special tax breaks that came from the 2009-Recovery Act, commonly known as the trillion-dollar stimulus package, whereas $100 billion was earmarked for renewable energy.

In fact, at the helm of President Obama's "save the planet slush fund," totaling $150 billion and counting, is crony capitalism at its worse, while indulging in corporate welfare and green energy outsourcing. These funds and the climate change movement continues to be used as political payback, rewarding the president's "Big and Wealthy Green Cronies," including Tom Steyer.

Political buddies indeed. Winners are those with meaningful political connections (firms controlled or owned by fundraisers, bundlers, and political allies) to the president and other high-ranking Democrats and/or their friends.

More compelling, perhaps, is that at the beginning of 2014, we discovered that "American taxpayers spent $7.45 billion to help developing countries cope with climate change in fiscal years 2010 through 2012," this was according to a federal government report submitted to the United Nations. And as of late, President Obama "offered Indian Prime Minister $1 billion" of American taxpayer money from the controversial U.S. Export-Import Bank to help India purchase American technology for clean energy projects."

But today's Green Corruption File will take on NextGen climate ads, starting with the obvious hypocrisy on so many levels: Liberal billionaire who gained his wealth from dirty money and is a main culprit inside the Democrat's dark money steers his "Eco Super PAC" to wage war against GOP candidates allegedly tied to what they regard as dirty money billionaires, of which they also claim are part of the GOP's dark money

And if that doesn't hit the bull’s-eye, NextGen shoots from the hip –– even "playing fast and loose with the facts." According to San Jose Mercury News, "Some prominent fact-checking groups –– PolitiFact, and the Washington Post –– are slamming Mr. Steyer, saying, "He's emitting enough hot air to melt a few glaciers."

Even though NextGen has launched a preemptive attack against presidential hopefuls such as Senator Marco Rubio, they have been steadily firing at the following senate races: Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, and New Hampshire, along with gubernatorial contests in Florida, Maine, and Pennsylvania –– and lately aiming at Oregon and Washington state senate races.

My last post dismantled two of their smear campaigns against Governor Rick Scott, so today's post will fire at NextGen election and their GOP senate targets, using parody at times, while exposing some of the more specific clean-energy dirt connected to the Democrat candidates in these four races. 
  • Colorado: Republican Congressman Cory Gardner vs. Democrat Senator Mark Udall 
  • Iowa: Republican Joni Ernst vs. Democrat Congressman Bruce Braley
  • Michigan: Republican Terri Lynn Land vs. Democrat Congressman Gary Peters 
  • New Hampshire: Republican Scott Brown vs. Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Dem Senator Mark Udall: Extremely Wasteful 

Colorado Senate: Republican Congressman Cory Gardner vs. Democrat Senator Mark Udall

In an extremely tight race in Colorado, NextGen's ad "Cory Gardner –– Not Extreme?" not only slams the Republican challenger Cory Gardner for being a climate change denier, but also ties him to the Koch Brothers June 2014 retreat.

However, what they fail to do is connect the green corruption dots to Democrat Senator Mark Udall, which includes his ties to the newly taxpayer-funded, yet controversial, expensive and risky offshore wind project in Massachusetts known as Cape Wind –– a project that implicates Udall and other high-profile Democrats.

It seems that Udall, an energy subcommittee member for the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, has been scoring donations from Cape Wind executives and lobbyists for some time.

Although time will tell if Cape Wind, like Solyndra, will end up buried in the green graveyard along with the other 30 plus Obama-backed green energy companies that have died  –– with equal amounts living at deaths door, costing US taxpayers tens of billions dollars –– cronyism is not the theme of the ad I've created for Udall. Nor is the fact that offshore wind comes with its fare share of serious collateral damage.

What is widely unreported is the various stimulus-funded green energy programs (and government programs funded by the stimulus) that have also failed miserably. One in particular is the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, which has the full support and weight of Senator Udall: 
I have fought for years to ensure that the lab has the support it needs to carry out its important mission to develop viable clean energy solutions. As your senator, and as co-chair of the Senate Renewable Energy and Efficiency Caucus, I remain committed to ensuring the success of these programs.
Keep in mind that candidate Obama, in 2008, pledged that he would add 5 million green jobs to the economy. Also, the 2009-Recovery Act was meant to stimulate the American economy and create American jobs, while Senator Udall, in February 2009, voted YES on the economic recovery bill.

Back in May 2009, Energy Secretary Stephen Chu visited Golden to promote the NREL as a beneficiary of stimulus funds.  However, this Colorado lab, since my 2009 green energy stimulus funds tracking, not only carries issues and corruption, but has been funding job cuts and craziness. 

Just prior to Chu's appearance, criticism circulated regarding the labs eligibility for any stimulus monies, which was met with resistance by Senator Udall and others: "We are going to fight for every fund and make sure that appropriate and significant funds are directed to NREL," Udall said. Meanwhile, Democrat then-Governor Bill Ritter claimed that "this funding will help create sustainable jobs..."

Sure enough, some reports place NREL stimulus score at $200 million, but according to the Energy Policy Center, "98 percent of the lab’s funding comes from the federal government, including nearly $300 million in stimulus in 2009." 

By 2011, the lab cut jobs. Worse still, Colorado's, back in April 2013, documented the following insights into NREL: 
  • Lately the Department of Energy outpost has become infamous for top salaries of more than $500,000 a year
  • staffer who went bonkers on social media late last year, threatening to get a gun and go on a “murderous rampage” against the staff of
  • A former researcher who spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation said, “I think it’s primarily a bunch of paper pushers; it’s more bureaucracy than anything else. They thrive on it.”
  • An extremely rude spokesperson of the lab that refused to answer any questions from 
  • And so on...
As Steyer and his minions slam Cory Gardner as extreme (worse, he's associated with the Koch Brothers), Senator Udall is still championing the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Where's the oversight?


Meanwhile, Udall's camp is labeling Gardner as "radical" because the Republican dare question the Department of Energy and the Obama Regime's clean energy programs, which have been plagued with cronyism, corruption, cover-ups and failure –– both government programs that have poured billions into Udall's favorite lab. A government lab that according to Tori Richards, "Even industry insiders aren’t sure what goes on at the NREL campus to warrant the $8 billion in taxpayer funding the lab has received since 1977."

This is not only crazy, but also extremely wasteful!

Dem Rep Bruce Braley's Eco-Genocide 
Iowa Senate: Republican Joni Ernst vs. Democrat Congressman Bruce Braley

Photo from the Braley website
In another tight senate race, NextGen Climate, which is backing Democrat Bruce Braley, caused an uproar over their ad "claiming that Republican Joni Ernst is undercutting American troops’ efforts." Part of the fear mongering went down like this:
Limiting our dependence on foreign oil is good for national security... But Joni Ernst has given her word to her Big Oil backers.

Ernst opposes programs for renewable energy sources that will limit our dependence on foreign oil, even though they would help ensure our money doesn’t end up in the hands of hostile foreign enemies.
Republican Senator John McCain blasted the ad because Ernst is a veteran of the Iraq War. Meanwhile, Congressman Braley, whom at the 2012 Iowa Democratic Party State Convention, made this statement, “I fight for veterans every day on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee," apparently missed over 75% of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearings.

Oh my....

More relevant to green corruption is this: In Steyer's ad, "Joni Ernst's Dirty Money," she too is hammered for appearing at the Koch Brothers June 2014 retreat and sharing her gratitude in meeting the group and its network. But because she opposes the renewable fuel standard, the farm bill, and the Clean Water Act, then somehow the Koch Brothers bought her. OK 

Meanwhile, KCRG-TV9, along with The Gazette, fact checked two of NextGen Climate’s ads, of which they "determined one’s claim that Ernst would eliminate support for Iowa renewables was false, and one claiming a tax pledge signed by Ernst would benefit companies that sent jobs overseas as mostly true."

Keep in mind that in January 2009, Congressman Braley voted in favor of the economic stimulus package, meaning that I could stop here and hammer away at how the stimulus deal went toward "Green Energy Outsourcing," which is found in more detail HERE. In short: under Team Obama, tens-of-billions of American tax dollars have directly funded foreign-owned entities, while many stimulus-backed firms were snatched up for dirt cheap by other countries –– with even green jobs being shipped overseas.

And since Braley's states on his website, "Ending our dependence on foreign oil and promoting Iowa renewable energy is critical to our national security and economic growth," I could get into the fact that wind and solar production is all about electricity, and has nothing to do with our national security. But I won't. 

It's his priceless photo op where he is proudly sitting atop a wind turbine in Northeast Iowa that's worthy of some scrutiny. Braley states that he is "Working for Wind" –– even championing their special tax breaks, so does that mean that he condones Big Wind's dirty secrets and eco-massacre? If you use NextGen Climate's logic, the answer is YES!

As Democrat Congressman Bruce Braley sits on the wind turbine, is aware of the following facts?
  • That Big Wind is "the most corrupt and corrupting industry in the world."
  • "Wind energy is Not Clean, Not Green, and Not Free!”
  • "Wind energy is expensive and unreliable." 
  • Big Wind and its allies, including federal and state governments, are misrepresenting its cost to taxpayers and ratepayers.
  • There is “mounting evidence that the noise and vibrations from wind turbines can adversely affect humans and wildlife." 
  • And so on...
What about the cronyism and corruption behind the Obama administration's Energy Department stimulus deals, which funded risky wind projects with loans, free cash and special tax breaks, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

I would inquire how a Congressman from Iowa, who claims to cares about the environment, could sit idly by as solar plants "execute" birds midair and wind energy commits "mass murder"  –– with eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and other birds as well as bats that are falling victim to wind-turbine blades.

But the American people have been kept in the dark to the dirty reality that Big Wind “has been hiding at least 90% of this slaughter for decades…” The real death toll as disclosed in late 2012 by Paul Driessen of the Washington Examiner is much more devastating: "The horrific reality is that in the United States alone, 'eco-friendly' wind turbines kill an estimated 13 million to 39 million birds and bats every year."

Dead eagles from wind turbines
Photo from

Whether these are federally subsidized murders or free market, under the reign of the Obama administration wind farms get a pass –– even with the federally protected birds. As reported by the Associated Press, "The Obama administration has charged oil companies for drowning birds in their waste pits, and power companies for electrocuting birds on power lines. But the administration has never fined or prosecuted a wind-energy company, even those that flout the law repeatedly."

Since Tom Steyer, who snagged his wealth from "dirty money," and his NextGen climate ad leads the viewer to ask Joni Ernst, "What did you promise to get the "dirt money," I would ask Congressman Braley what in the heck are you doing about the Eco-Genocide?

Dem Environmental Hero Gary Peters is NOT Gonna Dump His Oil Profits...Really! 

Michigan Senate: Republican Terri Lynn Land vs. Democrat Congressman Gary Peters

In a close race in Michigan, NextGen's attack ad against GOP candidate Terri Lynn Land entitled "Really" asks this question: "Which senate candidate really works for billionaire special interests? Then Steyer's Eco Super PAC carries on about the Koch Brothers, claiming that they are "threatening Michigan's air and water quality with their dirty energy stockpiles...."

Sounds scary, especially since Land's opponent Democrat Congressman Gary Peters is running as an environmental hero.

Moreover, Peters has the backing of the climate change crusader billionaire Steyer, who made his fortune in oil, gas and coal as well as the endorsement of other powerful eco-groups as documented by The Daily Caller:
 The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund endorsed Peters, calling him “a true leader fighting for a more sustainable future for Michigan and our nation by advocating for common sense solutions to help reduce our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and promote clean energy jobs.”
Unfortunately for Mr. Peters, he was caught with his hand in the "dirty oil jar." Peters owns $19,000 in stock in the French company Total S.A. (reportedly purchased in December 2012 and May 2013), which produces pet coke, an oil byproduct that Peters at one point called “dirtier than the dirtiest fuel,” according to the Detroit News. In addition, apparently this byproduct has caused some damage around the Detroit River.

Recently, Congressman Peters came under fire because the Democrat "environmentalist" refused to sell his oil profits" reports the Washington Free Beacon. However in full disclosure, reports came out by the Detroit News that Republican senate candidate Terri Lynn Land also owned stock in the same firm, but added the following statement by Land spokeswoman Heather Swift: "Land divested herself of a Wells Fargo mutual fund that holds stock in Total SA because of the energy company's past bribes of Iranian officials to gain access to Iran's oil fields."

Needless to say, "Peters’ investments in the fossil fuel industry are deeper than previously thought, according to his 2013 financial disclosure, which listed dividends he owns through the Gary C. Peters Trust," exposed the Daily Caller, noting a few of those "dirty investments" –– with Breitbart News picking up additional "investments [by Peters] in energy companies with controversial histories."
  • Peters listed between $1,001 and $15,000 in dividends from NiSource, which makes money from fracking.
  • Peters also listed between $1,001 and $15,000 in dividends from the fossil fuel company CMS Energy.
  • Peters listed between $1,001 and $15,000 in dividends from the Washington-based energy company Pepco Holdings, which relies heavily on burning coal. 
  • And more...
While I'll get back to the French and their BIG OIL (Total S.A.), what's interesting here is according to League of American Voters, Congressman Peters voted YES on Obama-Pelosi Stimulus (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act H.R. 1), which gave free cash to Pepco Holdings.

In fact, Pepco, in 2009, was awarded at least two smart grid stimulus grants, totaling $168.1 million to advance smart-grid projects. The Washington Business Journal reported this back in 2010: "Pepco will use $149.4 million to fund smart grid projects in Maryland and the District. Pepco Holdings’ Atlantic City Electric subsidiary will get $18.7 million for its smart grid projects."

In my last post, I covered the Florida race –– Gov. Rick Scott vs. Charlie Crist, the Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat –– and how the CEO of NextEra Energy Mr. Lewis Hay and Florid Power and Light (FPL), a subsidiary of NextEra, have a long history of political contributions (mostly Republicans), but they had a very “cozy relationship” (even a 2008 wedding guest as well as 2009 donations) with career politician former Governor Charlie Crist.

While NextEra was a hug winner of stimulus loans and other funds, FPL snagged a $200 million smart-grid stimulus grant. Also, both FPL and Pepco Holdings are customers of Silver Spring Networks, which is an investment of three Big Venture Capital firms with political friends in high places: Foundation Capital, Kleiner Perkins (John Doerr and Al Gore) and Google.

Last I checked, Silver Spring had scored at least $1.3 billion in (stimulus) smart-grid contracts, and each of these venture capital firms cashed in big time from the president's green energy spending, both from the 2009-Recovery Act and other energy programs.

But REALLY...the Dem environmental hero Gary Peters is not going to dump any of his oil profits...

Out of Touch Climate Ad Misses Dem Senator Jeanne Shaheen's 
Big Out-of-State Cash and Ties to Big Oil 

New Hampshire Senate: Republican Scott Brown vs. Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire, too, is facing a close senate race, but first it's key to note that Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen voted in favor of the president's expensive stimulus package, which has of late has raised a few alarm bells: "Her husband works for a prominent lobbying firm that helped clients get some of the federal money. He also worked as an adviser to the firm," reported the New Hampshire Union Leader.

However, what's been widely circulated are NextGen's ads attacking GOP candidate Scott Brown, all the way from "Scott Brown's Scoreboard" to "New Hampshire Welcomes Rick Perry," of which the latter blasts Texas Governor Perry's skepticism on climate change.

But it's Steyer's Eco Super PAC connecting Brown to none other than the Koch Brothers and oil interests that is particularly best. The ad entitled, "Tap" advocates that New Hampshire needs a senator, not a politician from Big Oil. It also makes the following claim: 
Out-of-state oilmen like the Koch brothers are spending millions to elect out-of-state politician Scott Brown to our Senate seat." “Brown voted to protect tax giveaways for big oil, which is polluting our air and water.
However, what the ad omits is that "Shaheen’s family owns between $50,000 and $100,000 of stock in Total S.A., the fourth-largest oil company in the world, through a mutual fund." Yep, this is the same Big Oil company mentioned earlier that "admitted to bribing Iranian officials."

The French oil conglomerate Total, which carries some interesting clean-energy dirt that will be highlighted later, has caused major headaches for Democrats and the Michigan senate race, because both the Republican candidate Terri Lynn Land and Democrat Congressman Gary Peters own stock in the firm.

Yet, as reported, "Land divested herself of a Wells Fargo mutual fund that holds stock in Total SA," while Peters, the self-proclaimed environmentalist, defends his position in holding on.

Worse for Shaheen is what the Washington Free Beacon exposed on the matter:
Shaheen, a member of the Senate foreign relations committee, has called on European companies to curb trade delegations to the Iranian regime to avoid undermining U.S. sanctions. She criticized European companies for attempting to establish financial ties while Iran pursues nuclear technology, saying she was “deeply troubled” by reports that European countries were sending “the message to Tehran that sanctions are abating.”
But let's go back to the hypocrisy of NextGen's ad against Scott Brown, which not only includes the fact that Steyer has ties to Big Oil, while he and his minions pollute the minds of regular Americans, there is more. The Center for Responsive Politics, in their September 2014 piece, "Candidates in Little New Hampshire Get Big Out-of-State Money" document the following:
Shaheen has been working hard to tag Brown with the carpetbagger label. But the reality is that almost all of the fuel for this fight on both sides is coming from outside the state.
And that's not factoring in the "out-of-state cash" that is funding a Shaheen senate victory coming from the California billionaire's Climate PAC as well as the money being funneled to senate races via other powerful environmental and special interest groups.

"TAP" that NextGen...

The Clean-Energy Dirt Behind the French Oil Conglomerate Total SA

Nevertheless, the French oil conglomerate Total is tied to one of those massive stimulus loans that were funneled to the president's "green cronies." While The Green Corruption Files has been tracking this particular Energy Department deal for some time, it was documented again in my "Cleantech Crash" post, which gave a rundown on SunPower Corp. and the California Valley Solar Ranch project that was purchased by NRG Energy. 

In January 2010, SunPower Corp, the San Jose, Calif.-based designer and manufacturer of solar panels and systems, received four of the stimulus-enacted Section 48C Tax Credits totaling $10.8 million.

Then despite SunPower's well-known financial issues and the fact that it was under a shareholder suit alleging securities fraud and misrepresentations, just days (September 2011) before the 1705 Loan Guarantee Program’s deadline, along with four other solar companies, a "non-investment" grade $1.2 billion stimulus loan was approved –– to support the construction of the California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) in San Luis Obispo County.

At one point, SunPower admitted that some of the solar panels for the $1.2 billion stimulus backed CVSR would be manufactured at their facility in Mexico rather than their facility in California. 

The conditional loan to SunPower was announced on April 12, 2011, and shortly thereafter (April 30, 2011), is when the French giant Total SA committed to buying a $1.37 billion controlling stake (60%) in SunPower Corp –– which was confirmed in June 2011.

Now, SunPower never directly got the cash, because on the final closing of the DOE loan guarantee, they sold the CVSR to NRG Energy –– a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 Index company, of which NRG and its subsidiaries were the recipient of most of 1705 stimulus loans: at least $5.2 billion of taxpayer money. However, SunPower continued on as the developer and Bechtel as the primary contractor building the project.

While the CVSR project faced environmental issues, it was successfully launched in October 2013. Nevertheless, this is another case of green energy outsourcing and a taxpayer bailout, which are clear violations of the 2009-Recovery Act as well as the Energy Department's Loan Guarantee Program.

This is a taxpayer-funded solar project, by the way, that created 15 permanent jobs, which "adds up to the equivalent of $80 million in taxpayer money for each job."

Also, behind this billion-dollar DOE deal, crony capitalism, once again, ruled the day. Other than these indirect ties to Total SA, both SunPower and NRG Energy have meaningful political connections to President Obama and other high-ranking Democrats, of which have been documented a few times: First in my October 2012 report (troubled green energy projects); then in my February 2013, "Citigroup’s Massive 'Green' Money Machine;" and later in my March 2013 Green Corruption File on the left-wing billionaire, George Soros.

Climate Change as urgent as ISIS and Ebola 

Sadly, the Democrats continually prey on the ignorance, confusion and vulnerabilities of American voters, while deploying hyperbole, cover-upsoutright lies, and a series of dirty tactics in order to steal elections –– even voter fraud. Instead of uniting our nation based on truth, the Democrat Party divides via their manufactured "war on woman" as well as pimping race, class, and even religious warfare.

In the case of climate change (global warming or global cooling), the White House, high-ranking Democrats and their minions engage in hype and fear mongering, placing this movement on the world stage "as big a threat as terrorism, poverty, and weapons of mass destruction."

As of late Secretary of State John Kerry, the Dem Climate Hawk that is (was?) also a player inside this massive green energy scam, warned that "climate change is as urgent as ISIS and Ebola." Maybe that's why ISIS is thriving and the Ebola virus arrived in the United States on September 20th.

Adding to the insanity, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. –– another liberal who refuses to change his Eco-lifestyle, but is "one of climate change’s loudest activists –– wants a law to punish global warming skeptics." The Washington Examiner reported on his Eco-fascists mentality when it was recorded in an interview with Climate Depot during New York City’s People’s Climate March, of which he, too, took the opportunity to demonize the Koch Brothers.

Known as “Bobby K," Mr. Kennedy has more than just Eco-radical comments at stake. Kennedy, a partner and Senior Adviser at Vantage Point Capital Partners, was directly implicated in the BrightSource Energy $1.6 Billion shady DOE deal via internal Energy Department emails as well as via his VC Firm. Considering that there were a multitude of Obama and Senator Reid's pals involved, I've detailed this story many times –– and most recently in my November 2013 Green Corruption File, "Underneath Senator Harry Reid’s Clean-Energy Dirt: Career politician directly linked to over $3 billion in green energy stimulus loans."

In short, as of September 2013, I fount that VantagePoint's portfolio had at least nine clean-energy firms/projects, which includes three DOE loans, that came out winners in the 2009 "green" stimulus spending spree, totaling, at that time, about $3 billion. However, Bobby K is not too keen on the Cape Wind project (mentioned earlier in this post), labeling it a "rip-off," which recently snagged a $150 million Energy Department loan and is endorsed by his nephew Joseph Kennedy III. 

In the meantime, no climate event would be complete without the regular ECO- hypocrites. It turns out that Breitbart News spotted the following: "Former Vice President Al Gore made his exit from [the] climate change march in a Chevrolet Suburban SUV after speaking to reporters about renewable energy."

Even as Tom Steyer, the Eco-radicals, and ignorant Americans deny that the fact that the science is not settled, the Obama Regime continues to push, prioritize and pore what could topple hundreds of of billions of taxpayer money at their climate change mission.
The 2014 People's Climate Rally Drops Mask;
Admits Communists Agenda

This year’s global warming convention, which followed the march where the Earth People rallied to protect the Earth, but left in its wake a trail of trash, President Obama addressed the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit with more hype, deception and lies.

The president also announced "a series of executive actions to fight climate change" –– just adding to the long list of this administration's mandates, regulations, and executive orders that have already burdened American citizens, especially the poor.

Furthermore, no climate speech is complete without fear mongering. As the world spirals out of control from terrorism, instability to disease, poverty, and more, President Obama dramatically sounded more "alarm bells," declaring "the urgent and growing threat of a changing climate" as the key issue facing the globe today.

This election "hope and change" is dead; clime change is alive –– and that should alarm all Americans. But the "midterm election bogeyman" billionaire Steyer is not the only villain we should fear, because he's not the only liberal Uber-rich individual that has hijacked our environment. Beware of the crooked politicians, the left-wing extremists and Eco-cults who are fueled by greed, power and ignorance.

Climate change is not a movement, it is a radical agenda that has nothing to do with “saving the planet," but aims to bring about global governance, redistribute the wealth, and put the progressive movement –– big government, social justice and the death of capitalism –– on the fast track in order to usher in a very dark and destructive political system, leading its Earth People and those of us unwilling Americans into the abyss.

Christine Lakatos October 7, 2014 interview with African-American Conservatives 

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