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Lou Dobbs "Shocks" Bill O'Reilly on the Severity of Obama DOE Crony Capitalism

Just a couple of days ago (May 23, 2012), on Bill O'Reilly's Impact Segment –– [President Obama] Rewarding Big Donors ––
O'Reilly opened with "a disturbing situation about government loans and grants going to people who donate money to President Obama's political campaign," giving three examples, Solyndra, Abound Solar, and an Air Force contract. 

Shortly thereafter, Lou Dobbs appeared to "sort it all out," and  O'Reilly asked a key question –– "does everybody do it?" "Do all the presidents do it?"

Dobbs' answer –– "At the margin, most administrations have taken care of their friends...But I have gone back and tried to find anything that rises to the level of what this administration is doing with its officials –– tying grants, contracts to those who are involved in bundling...I can't find anything that comes close."

Later after O'Reilly noted the left-wing media's failure to report on this scandal, Dobbs shocked O'Reilly with this statement, "Two-thirds of the money in these loan guarantees [are] going to companies that have direct association with the Obama administration and its fundraising."

O'Reilly's response, "That's outrageous!"

Yet, as outrageous as Dobbs' figure is, it is more than 67%. Just out of the Department of Energy's 1705 DOE Loan Program, of which in excess of $16 billion was doled out, 85% was funneled to Obama and Democrat "cronies." And, my three years of research proves a more alarming state of affairs than "disturbing and outrageous" –– corrupt and potentially criminal!

For starters, I analyzed the report released in March of this year by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform where it "painted a startling picture of mismanagement at the Department of Energy." What I uncovered and reported on (Green Corruption: Department of Energy “Junk Loans” and Cronyism –– Intro) from that House Investigation was the fact that over 85% of the 27, including the 23 “Junk grade” DOE loans, which came under fire in the March 20, 2012 Oversight Hearing, have "meaningful" political connections to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Political buddies indeed –– 21 energy firms are behind the 27 projects found in the House Oversight investigation, and 18 of them are politically connected to President Obama (15 alone) and the Democratic Party, that’s over 85%! 13 were bundlers, donors, and supporters for Obama's 2008 campaign, and two are members of the president's Job Council, while three are allied to Senator Harry Reid –– all with ample other Democrat links in the mix.

Furthermore, Peter Schweizer’s New York Times bestseller, Throw Them All Out –– released last November and featured on 60 Minutes, exposing the "permanent political class" and the insidious practice of "Congressional insider trading" perpetrated from both sides of the political isle –– devotes an entire chapter to alternative-energy, "Spreading the Wealth... to Billionaires!"

That's right –– millionaires and billionaires got their fare share of green funds! Interesting enough, Schweizer's book divulged over half of the energy firms listed in the Houses Oversight's investigation, and what's astounding is that once again, the majority, 80% of the DOE loans, grants and special tax credits, reviewed by Schweizer, “went to companies with Obama-campaign connections or large donors to the Democratic Party," and that was as of September 2011!

Besides 85% of the DOE "Junk loans" going to Obama and Democrat cronies, and what Schweizer revealed, there is much, much more...


If you follow the "green" money, with over $80 billion earmarked for renewable energy just from The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and more being dished out from other government programs, and connect the dots, you will find that the majority of winners are directly connected to the White House and/or the Democrat Party campaign backers. Even the "Stimulus Authors" as well as the Department of Energy Officials and Advisors –– the ones picking the winners and losers –– have raked in big green bucks and/or are connected to companies that have.

  • At least six groups and individuals that helped "craft" the energy sector of the 2009 stimulus (Obama’s Green Stimulus Authors)
  • At least twelve, with more on my radar, from Obama's Green Team, DOE Officials and DOE Advisors, as well as a few other White House Officials
  • At least ten from Obama's 2008 Finance Committee 
  • 2008 Obama Bundlers, Top Donors, and Supporters –– full figure not yet calculated, but there are plenty. 
  • At least five members of Obama's Job Council (four of which are confirmed 2008 Obama donors and supporters) –– a council, by the way that is  Stacked With Democratic Donors.
  • Wall Street, Big Energy and Big Oil, Big Business are in the mix –– Top 2008 Obama Donors like Goldman Sachs, Google, Citigroup, General  Electric, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, BP, and Excelon Corp, and more. 
  • Big Green Venture Capitalists that are also 2008 Obama Bundlers and campaigners like Al Gore and John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins, Steve Westly and The Westly Group, VantagePoint Ventures, James A. Johnson and Perseus, and more.
  • And plenty of Democrat Allies in the mix  
"Winning the Future, American Energy" is more like political payback, winning taxpayer money for Obama and Democrat "green buddies," making them more wealthy. And, this is just a bullet point summary of what is going on, with much more explosive Intel in the works

Obviously the mainstream media will not cover this and Fox News doesn't seem to understand the size or the gravity of this scandal, other than Sean Hannity and quite a few online political forums.  
Makes ya wonder where the heck O'Reilly has been the past six months, and realize that Solyndra is only the tip of the iceberg!

Please help me expose this entire this "clean-energy dirt," I can't do this alone (see donation button too) –– Obama's Green Corruption, on of the biggest scandals of his presidency, and is guaranteed to rock the 2012 elections, if we get it out in time...

Until next time, 
Your Citizen Watchdog on the "green front,"

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